Demonstrations Sell Products

Posted on January 23, 2008 @ 11:51 am

I worked for awhile at Costco handing out samples of different food items to customers. I did not mind the job, as many of the customers were regulars and I got to know them fairly well. It was nice to get some consumer reviews on the products, and I firmly do believe the samples sold more products.

The product reviews were usually fairly positive. There were certain things that some didn’t care for, like a particular food being too spicy, but others loved it. The worst part for me was when I had to demonstrate a product in which I was not too particular of the smell.

The news and opinions of new products was key to the success of the company. If people did not know what it was or how it tasted, they simply would not buy it. That is why sample demonstration is so important.

I think they should also set up a page in which they could take website reviews on the products that the consumer tries while in store. They may be more honest, not having to answer questions about the product face to face.

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