Buying Car Insurance

Posted on January 21, 2008 @ 3:43 pm

I was looking online for some insurance reviews the other day. My insurance is coming up for renewal and I am looking to find the best offers available to me, as I am accident free and a very safe driver.

I found a lot of different store reviews that sell insurance and was looking into the ones that are in my town. I would prefer to deal with a real person, rather than buying insurance online, but again, would go with whatever was the best deal for me.

While browsing, I found an advertisement for an online business academy that offered classes on selling insurance. This was amusing to me, as I thought most people hated insurance salesmen and was wondering why anyone would pay to become one.

In the end, I found a great deal on insurance and was impressed to find out that the office was located in my town. I went down and obtained all the paperwork I needed, paid for five years, and now I am good to go.

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