Better Reviews for Chick Flicks

Posted on January 14, 2008 @ 3:30 pm

I wanted to start my own ratingzone website, especially for young women my age. I find that a lot of the movie rating websites are geared towards men and are obviously written by men. I do not share similar movie tastes and I find that a lot of the movies I enjoy get completely bad ratings, as they seem devoid of blood and guts.

What we really need is to have someone who enjoys watching romantic comedies and dramas to write their own reviews. It would give us a more honest look from our own perspective.

I love net gossip and this is how I keep up on the latest chick flicks and find out what my favorite actors are doing. Because of this, I seem to watch movies shortly after they are released.

I think I would be really good at writing entertainment reviews for “chick flicks”. I would love to start a website devoted to this and I think I am going to. But, before I do, I will need to do some research. So, for now, I am off to the movies.

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