Not a Gold Kind of Girl

Posted on January 13, 2008 @ 2:22 pm

I own very few pieces of gold jewelry. Most of the pieces that I own are stainless steel jewelry. I actually prefer these over the gold and silver, as they look very classy and are affordable enough that I can let my daughters wear them and not be totally paranoid all day that they are going to lose them.

My friend owns a wholesale stainless steel jewelry business and she gives me a great deal on jewelry. She also gives me a lot of pieces to wear just for telling people about her business. I hand out her cards and she rewards me with quite a few pieces of my own.

As she owns the store buying stainless steel jewelry wholesale is an option she makes available to me from time to time. I especially make good use of this option at Christmas time and purchase many pieces for my mother and sisters. They love it too.

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