Proud Wife of an Traffic Violation Attorney

Posted on January 12, 2008 @ 10:59 pm

My husband has always worked as a Bronx traffic violation lawyer, since the day he finished law school and started practicing. At first, the title embarrassed me and I would just say that he was a lawyer. Settling unpaid speeding tickets did not sound very glamorous to me.

Over the years, as I have gotten to know many other NYC traffic violation attorneys, I have changed my mind quite drastically. After all, it is not like he brings in any less money than any other lawyer working in his area. He has just chosen a different field than most.

The reason he made this decision, is when he was just entering law school, he had a professor who used to work as a Manhattan traffic violation attorney and my husband idolized the man. He wanted to be just like him, and thus chose the same path. Who knows, maybe he will trade it all in one day to be a professor as well.

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