Asking For Advice

Posted on January 7, 2008 @ 11:52 am

When someone really and truly wants your opinion, than they will ask for it. We should never assume that people all want our advice. I am a firm believer that advice is something that should be asked for.

There is nothing worse than having to make a decision and having a hundred different views and opinions thrown at you. For me, I would ask the people who have my best interests in mind and have nothing to gain from the situation.

I think it is right on the mark to say that there are way too many opinionated people out there who don’t even stop to get all the details before spouting off their needless advice. These are the ones that we don’t need.

I am not saying that opinions and reviews are not a good thing to have, because they are. I am just saying that they are valued if they are asked for. That is all.

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