A Break from the Kids

Posted on December 27, 2007 @ 9:21 am

As I was tucking my two-year-old into bed, for the third time, tonight, it crossed my mind that I really need a vacation without the kids. I don’t know when the last time is that my husband and I had any time alone together and I thought it would be great if we could plan to have a weekend away.

I was mentioning this to my friend and she suggested that we go to Las Vegas. I thought this would be a little pricier than we could afford and I told her this. She suggested that since it was slow season there, I should ask about Las Vegas hotel discounts.

I did a quick search for Excalibur offer codes (one of my dream hotels to stay at) and was blown away at the amount and number of discounts offered. These were definitely prices that we could afford and I was now getting excited about actually doing and not just saying.

The MGM Grand offer codes (another one of my dream hotels) I found will make our trip a lot more affordable and within our budget. My husband will be home from work in a few hours, and once I show him the numbers, I am sure he will agree that this is a wonderful idea. If he needs extra convincing, he can put the kids to bed tomorrow night. All three times!

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