A Perfect Match

Posted on December 21, 2007 @ 7:30 pm

I saw a selection of contemporary rugs the other day and was instantly sold. I have had hardwood floors for over two years and thought I would never have a rug in my house again. I used to hate the carpeting that we had. But, these rugs were so nice and I could just picture them in my home, looking so lovely.

I had to stop myself from reaching into my patchwork handbag and purchasing the rugs on the spot. I knew that an impulse buy would not be a good idea. I inquired about having someone come out to match some of the rugs to my décor and was pleasantly surprised that they would, indeed, do this.

They came to my house, donned in ties and jackets, and brought along many samples. We found some perfect matches to three of the rooms in my house and I was completely sold. I had to have these rugs.

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