Time to Hire New Staff

Posted on December 20, 2007 @ 2:37 pm

Now that we have our website design done for our online store, I have been thinking that we should expand our store.  With the increase in sales at this time of year, we are in need of new staff and a couple of new managers for our business.

Instead of using the traditional methods of placing a help wanted ad, we have instead decided to rely on a professional recruitment firm to find us potential candidates.  This way it frees up our personnel from the task of going through resumes and conducting interviews.  We will get the list of potential candidates and we can do our interviews from there.

We have also taken advantage of an HR training service that will be in charge of training those candidates we hire to get them up to speed on our business procedures and systems. 

Pricing for these services was very reasonable and it also frees up our staff do to what they should be doing – working for the business.

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