Feeling Like Smashing My Computer

Posted on December 19, 2007 @ 5:47 pm

Sometimes I wonder if I have been cursed with being computer illiterate.  I mean, these computers that they have now are supposed to be user friendly, yet, I have big problems.  Just the other day my computer went to a blue screen and said I had some sort of bla, bla, bla… registry error.   Oh, did I feel like smashing it.

After a walk around the block to clear my head, I came back inside.  You see, I could remember talking to a friend about keeping my computer tuned up and he had given me something to look at.  Thing is I had to find it.

About an hour later, I did find little package that he had given me.  Inside there was an article from a computer magazine that was about registry repair tools.  Reading the article, it was clear that there was reviews of two competing products Regcure and Registry Easy.  Seems that the features presented in the Regcure review and Registry Easy review were pretty much the same.  Except for the screen shots, both software packages looked equal.

But when I made it to the end of the article, I found that the best registry repair award was given to Regcure.  I went to their site, and I am going to try out the trial version of their software, and I will make my buying decision based on my experiences with it.  I guess I won’t be smashing my computer today – but it was sure close.

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