Looking for New Ways to Promote My Site

Posted on December 15, 2007 @ 11:48 am

I just have a few websites that I own, so my marketing efforts have been very focused.  My few sites are all content based information sites that offer advice or information for free.  Most of my marketing up to this point has been from articles I have written – I truly love to write.  But I have been thinking that I should market my sites in other ways to reach a broader audience.

While I was looking for ideas in a forum that I frequent, I did come across something that I had never heard about before.  There were quite a few members talking about free directory submissions that they were doing and I had to ask what they were and how they were doing it.

Even though I came across as someone new to the whole Internet marketing arena, they explained that free directories are excellent ways to market your site.  According to what I read, all I had to do was submit my sites to them and wait for my listings to be approved.  It sounded pretty easy.

A couple of hours of submissions later, I realized that even though it was a good method to market my sites, it was not the quickest method.  I decided to hire a directory submission service firm to take care of this aspect of my site promotion.  The money I paid (it sure wasn’t very much money) was well worth the time that I saved.

So, I have added directory submissions to my arsenal of website promotion tools.  Now, I think I am going to look into social bookmarking – that looks interesting as well.

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