Hello Clean Face

Posted on December 14, 2007 @ 1:01 pm

I am so excited to wake up every morning an look in the mirror.  You see I love looking at myself – not because I am vain, but because it has been three weeks since I got rid of my acne.  Not only does my face look better, but my self esteem is better too.  Would you like to know how I did it?  I would love to share what worked for me, so it can work for you too.

You see, about six months ago, I was facing a problem.  A really big problem.  My acne was out of control and I was starting to get some on my back, and the acne on my face was getting worse.  You wouldn’t believe the number of cleansers I was using to try and get rid of it, but it just wasn’t working.  It was to the point where people were looking at me differently, and I was starting to feel ashamed about how I looked – no one should ever feel like that.

I went to our local drug store and asked the pharmacist if she had any ideas for an acne treatment alternative to cleansers.  She suggested that I take more Vitamin B5 and use Vilantae to reduce the amount of oil my body was producing – which would get rid of my acne.

Guess what?  It worked.  I still take extra Vitamin B5 each day and I have some Vilantae on hand in case I have an outbreak.  If you have an acne problem give it a try – you will be so happy you did!

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