To Wii or not to Wii : That is the Question

Posted on December 8, 2007 @ 4:29 am

Well, I have been debating whether or not to buy Nintendo Wii for some time.  Part of my problem is that I am the person that has to weigh my options – I am definitely not a spontaneous shopper.

With that being said, I thought the game would help me decide what to do.  In all honesty, the games make the system, right?  So I have been looking at some of the best Wii games available – and they are good.  Games like Super Mario Galaxy, Resident Evil and Zelda get me really excited.  They are titles that I have played on other Nintendo consoles and I loved every one that I played.  Definitely a strong argument to buy the Wii.

But, there is one game I really wanted to play: Perfect Dark.  Unfortunately for me, Microsoft purchased Rare (the developer of Perfect Dark) so it is one of the games for Xbox 360.  I looked at the other games available for the Xbox 360 and there are quite a few good ones.  What I found lacking though was that most of the games are geared towards adults – and I know that my nieces will want to play too.

It seems for me the Wii is the console I have been looking for.

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