Teaching a Class on Resume Writing

Posted on December 1, 2007 @ 3:40 pm

Tonight I am putting on a class for job seekers on how to write a resume.  I have been teaching these classes for some time and the results have been good.  Most of my students use the lessons I teach them and they succeed at getting a job quickly.

Up to this point, I have just been teaching my students how to make a resume using pen and paper – then typing it out.  Today I am going to try something different.

You see, a few weeks ago while reading my emails, I received one from my friend Jill who also teaches people about resume writing.  She sent me some details regarding an online resume builder that she found – it was free and provided the framework our students needed to do their resume quickly.

So, I had been testing this online tool for the past couple of weeks to make sure that it was valuable – and it has proven its’ worth.  So, I created some class material and I will be presenting information on it tonight.  I have decided to talk about it last, because I need them to know the basics before they try the tool – to avoid mistakes.

With the new lesson in place, today should be interesting and exciting – I was getting bored teaching the same thing each time – it will be refreshing to talk about something different.

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