Quick Setup of a Lounge

Posted on November 26, 2007 @ 6:30 pm

Sometimes you come across a business opportunity that you cannot pass up.  That was the case for me lately, when a local lounge ended up in foreclosure at a price I couldn’t pass up. 

The reason I was eager to jump on the opportunity was that the business did very well, the club was always busy, and the only reason it ended up in foreclosure was that the owners (I knew them) spent their money faster than it came in.  So, I wanted to get the club up and operational as quick as possible to lose the least amount of regular customers as possible.

The lounge came with all the equipment I needed – the only thing that was missing was ATM machines.  I decided that the quickest way to get the problem solved would be to get some mobile ATM machines so I would only need a wall outlet, and no other wiring.

I contacted a local ATM rental company and ordered some mobile ATMs.  They are scheduled to arrive in a couple of days.  With our opening date scheduled for this weekend, they are the final piece of our lounge setup – it will be an exciting (and busy) weekend.

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