My Dog Hates Homemade Dog Food

Posted on November 23, 2007 @ 4:55 am

Well it is official.  My dog hates homemade dog food.  You see we have been trying to make food for the dog for the past week, and, well she doesn’t like it.

This whole idea of making dog food started about two weeks ago, when I was reading an article in a health magazine.  Now, the only reason I read the article is that it seemed out of place in a men’s health magazine – but obviously there was a reason that it was there.

Inside the magazine it listed the health benefits of dog food you made at home for your dog.  Some of the more compelling arguments were the control of ingredients as well as fewer preservatives in their diet.  I thought they were good reasons, and I thought we should try it out.

Now, our trial didn’t go as well as planned.  We made the food, gave it to the dog, and the dog sure didn’t like it.  The first time she vomited on the floor.  After three days, he was refusing to eat.

But all is not lost.  We did make some dog treats that she did love, and I think we will keep making them.  Even though she didn’t like the food, we are going to try again with our new puppy, which we will be getting in the spring.

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