Passionate about Writing Wedding Toasts and Speeches

Posted on November 22, 2007 @ 8:01 pm

I have always loved to write and have recently found pleasure in writing wedding toasts and speeches.  I started writing them a couple of years ago after I was the Maid of Honor in one of my good friends wedding.  Though it was difficult at first, the words come very easily to me now and they always sound so good, and straight from the heart.

I have several friends who have come to me to write for them and they have always been happy with their instant wedding speeches and toasts.  They have told me that my words bring tears to their eyes and smiles to the lips of the bride and groom.

Everyone who knows me, knows they can come to me for free wedding toasts anytime.  It saves them time, especially if they aren’t creative – and I love to do it for them.  Usually it only takes me a couple of days, though it never seems that long because I am passionate about writing – it doesn’t seem like work at all.

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