Travel To Disney World

Posted on November 17, 2007 @ 7:42 am

Our family has made plans to go to Disney World.  We have never gone on a trip like this before, so I wanted to do some research before we committed to the trip.

I went online and looked for one of my favorite sources of information: forums.  I was lucky enough to find the Disney World forum – and it had all the information I needed.

I found out that the Disney World Resort Hotels were rated in the top ten hotels in the country.  They cater to families – and the prices really were not too high.  Most people that commented about the hotels had positive things to say.

I also found out that Universal Studios was really close to where we would be staying.  Ever since it opened, I have dreamed of going there, and now is my chance.

All we have to do now is book our trip through our travel agent.  Then we can count down the days till we can go – I just can’t wait!

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