Saved From Foreclosure

Posted on November 16, 2007 @ 12:26 am

I was talking to my cousin today on the phone.  She has been a successful executive at a local insurance company for the last few years and just recently married (in the last two years).  Right after their marriage, they purchased a large house for themselves and their new puppy.  Last time we talked, her husband had been laid off from work and they were struggling to keep up with all their payments.  I called to see how they were doing.

According to her, things were okay now, but they were pretty gloomy just a couple of months ago.  They were unable to keep up on their bills and even missed some mortgage payments.  It was to the point where if they missed one more mortgage payment, the bank would add their home to the repossessed properties they owned.  It ended up that these financial problems had put a huge strain on their marriage – they were at the point of considering divorce.

But a solution came from the least likely source – a coffee shop paper.  Erin had gone out for coffee one day and was reading a coffee shop paper, and saw an ad from a company that helped people avoid foreclosure.  She called and learned that they offered a sell and rent back program – they would solve her money problem by buying the house from them, and they would not have to move out of their home.

She shared this information with her husband and they quickly applied for their program.  Thankfully they were able to avoid having their home repossessed, they fixed their mortgage, and her husband has a new job.

I was so happy to hear that they made it through their financial crisis okay – it is hard to see others struggle.  For those of you in their situation, don’t worry, there are solutions – they just might turn up in the most unlikely of places.

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