Seminar on Parenting

Posted on November 15, 2007 @ 7:15 pm

Today I had the opportunity of attending a seminar on parenting.  It was not very long, but it focused on some key things that parents can do to ensure that their children have success in their lives.  According to them the key to success was parent involvement at all stages of their kids’ lives.

The first step to follow is parent involvement in education.  Now, this does not just mean scholastic education – it can include all facets of learning: from teaching your child their first words to showing them how to drive.  They continuously emphasized that parents needed to be committed to helping their child learn: whether it be reading them a book, letting them help you cook, or helping them with their homework.  By taking the time to let you child know that education is important, parents help instill a love of learning in their child.

Another key area that we covered is the lack of parent involvement in schools.  Part of the problem is the busy nature of most of our lives – which reduces the amount of time we have.  But, even something simple as volunteering for a field trip helps not only your child, but the other children in their class.  This can increase the one-on-one time between the students and adults, helping the kids get the answers they need.

Helping out in schools does not end after elementary school as many parents believe.  Instead it can continue into high school (think band trip chaperone) and even into college.  Think of it this way: if there is an activity going on, chances are they need someone to help out.

The presenters closed the seminar with a simple challenge to parents – get involved in your children’s lives.  With all the above compelling evidence, I do not see how you cannot.

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