Time for a Change: Considering California

Posted on November 7, 2007 @ 3:23 pm

I have been looking at moving for a long time.  I am tired of the town I live in, and would like a life where it is a little warmer.  There are quite a few places I have considered moving to, but my favorite would be California.

First off, warm is good.  Where I am now, there is a really cold winter and lots of snow.  In fact, not having to shovel snow would be great.  Any excuse to get rid of my winter jacket would be welcome.

Secondly, from what I read, California is a little more strict compared to other states.  They have more rules and enforce more order.  Tired of people skateboarding?  Move to California.  Don’t like to see dogs walking on the street – move to California.  It would be really nice to not step in dog doo doo when you go out for a walk.

Lastly, the house prices fit in my budget.  In fact, I have been looking at the California mortgage rates and I could actually save a little bit each month by moving there.

I think I am going to check and see how much I can sell my place for, and definitely consider moving to California.

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