Home Refinancing: No Trip to the Bank Required

Posted on November 5, 2007 @ 7:39 am

In the "olden" days before the Internet, any kind of financial product was usually obtained by making an appointment with a lender and going to their place of business and talk face to face.  This was usually okay for most people, but for those people who worked graveyard shifts during the week, it was usually a nightmare.  Also, depending on the season, it could be easy to get to the lender’s office, or extremely difficult (think winter).

Now things are a little different.  You no longer have to go to an appointment, let alone talk to a real person (if you don’t want to) with the advent of the Internet.  For example, you can do a refinance online, just by filling out forms, and never have to talk to anyone.  For that matter, it can be three in the morning, and you could be working on your application.  For those people who work nights, this has definitely been a blessing – they no longer have to take time off work to deal with their finances.

Now this is not the only area where you can now apply online:  I would encourage you to check out other financial products now online such as bank accounts, credit cards, and investments – chances are if you need it, you can find it online.

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