Setting Up Shop

Posted on November 4, 2007 @ 7:24 am

With the Christmas season fast approaching, I have partnered up with a friend of mine to operate a little store in the mall selling doughnuts.

Now you might think that we own a doughnut machine – but you are wrong.  In fact, we don’t own anything we need to do the business – no cash register, doughnut machine, or supplies to do it.

So we have been looking for ways to get the equipment that we need.  Since this is our first try at this, getting some equipment financing and actually purchasing the equipment is out of the question – we don’t know how well the business is going to do at the moment.

Instead of buying the equipment, we have been talking to some companies about equipment leasing – so we are not tied down to the equipment should the business not pan out.  From the companies we have talked to, we will be doing commercial leasing which allows us to take a short term lease on the equipment – just for the Christmas season.

So, we are going downtown on Monday to sign the papers for our lease.  If the Christmas season goes well, perhaps we will stay open – who knows.

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