A Learning Experience

Posted on October 9, 2007 @ 6:18 pm

I decided today that I should figure out how to get a car loan because I wanted to buy a car before winter.  Now, that may seem a little strange, as most people don’t buy vehicles in the fall.  For me I wanted one to drive to work in the winter because I bike in the summer.

So, before I even started learning I needed to know how the process worked.  What I wanted was a cheap loan as I don’t have a large budget to pay for the car.  I figured that my bank could maybe shed some light on the situation so I took a trip down there.

Talking to a loan officer taught me that I needed an unsecured loan to buy the car.  He showed me the interest rates that the bank offered and I wrote them down.  I decided early in this process that I was going to check online too to see what rates I could get on there.

Heading back home, a little smarter, I am feeling more confident about my decision.  I will have to see what my investigation digs up – I need to hurry as it is snowing as I speak…

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