A Goodie Bag of Offers

Posted on October 7, 2007 @ 8:43 pm

I was just cleaning my house today and I came across my welcome package from University.  I decided that I might as well go through it to see what was in there, I tossed it aside when I started school in September.

I felt like a child opening a goodie bag – there was candy, some pens and a whole bunch of pamphlets.  Looking through the pamphlets I realized there were only two topics in there: credit cards and insurance offers.

On the credit card side of things you could find the "best credit cards" – thing is each company was claiming they were the best.  There were 0% interest credit cards, cash back credit cards, and reward cards.  You could get your favorite sports team, favorite vacation spot and even a picture of you  on your card.

For the insurance there was life insurance, accident insurance, disability insurance, health insurance, and even car insurance.  These all offered you a discount rate because we were students, but sometimes I wonder why they bother.  Usually at my age, you don’t think about insurance at all.

Well, sad to say that after ten minutes or so most of the package was in the garbage.  Too many offers, too little time, and therefore no interest.  Too bad they had to kill some trees to give us these offers – it wasn’t worth it.

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