My Brother’s Experience With Travel Medical Insurance

Posted on July 20, 2007 @ 6:45 am

My brother just returned from a trip to India. He had a great time and shared his good memories. Even though he did have a good trip, his girlfriend had become very sick and was rushed to the hospital. It turned out she needed her appendix removed. Thankfully they had purchased travel medical insurance before they left, so her hospital stay was covered.

I had to ask why he needed supplemental insurance, when he already had an insurance policy from his work. He said that before he left he had inquired with his insurance company and found out that they don’t cover anything done outside of the U.S. Even though there was a nominal fee, they were both happy to purchase the insurance incase something happened – and they were glad they did!

Just like regular health insurance, travel insurance covers your health care costs when you leave the country.  Whether it be a simple visit to the doctor, or a lengthy hospital stay, travel medical insurance protects you from the financial burden of medical bills.

Now that I have learned that my work policy doesn’t include insurance when I am out of country, I will be sure to insure myself before my next big trip. ¬†Though I hope nothing happens to me when I travel, it is better to be prepared than suffer financial ruin should something go wrong.

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