Laughing Cures Almost Everything

Posted on June 28, 2007 @ 7:30 am

Have you tried the amazing power of laughter?  If you have not, give it a try.  Some examples of what laughter can do is cure sadness, depression, and even disease.  It is contagious: if someone is laughing in a room, the others in the room are more likely to laugh as well.  How do you cause laughter?  I have found a site that made me laugh and laugh some more.

Funny and Jokes is a site dedicated to making people laugh.  They cover all types of genres that people will find funny.  In the mood for a funny video?  Got that.  How about bumper stickers?  They have that too.  To give you a sample of the jokes on their site, take a look at this:

A brunette and a blonde were speeding down the street when they passed a cop. “Oh no!” cried the brunette.  “Is he following me?” “Yep,” replied the blonde.

“I’m going to drive down this little side road, okay?” said the brunette. “Yep,” replied the blonde.

“Is the cop still following me?” “Yep.”

“Are his lights on?” “Yep, nope, yep, nope, yep, nope”

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