Crossword Puzzles Past and Present

Posted on June 27, 2007 @ 6:54 am

Crossword puzzles have evolved from being simple puzzles to what they are now today.  The first published crossword, or word cross puzzle (as it was called at that time) was created by Arthur Wynne and published on December 21, 1913 in the New York World.  It included most of the features that are included in crosswords today, and became the stepping stone for the popularity of crosswords in that publication.

The next most notable landmark in crosswords was the first book published in 1924 by Simon and Schuster.  Crosswords became the craze of 1924 (much like Sudoku is today).

The New York Times crossword puzzles have been running since 1942 and are considered to be some of the most difficult puzzles ever created.

Things have changed over time.  You no longer have to purchase either a paper or a book, rather you can get printable crossword puzzles online.  If you think yourself a true master, you can also try your hand at creating a crossword with a free online crossword maker.

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