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Real Estate Investing in the Cayman Islands

Posted By Admin on June 30, 2007 @ 5:24 am

Being an avid real estate investor, I am constantly looking for new markets to invest in real estate.  I was talking to a colleague of mine one day at lunch and he suggested that I take a look at the Cayman Islands.

Looking into Cayman Island Real Estate I was excited about some of the unique advantages of investing in the Caymans.  Some of the more notable ones are:

  • Favorable tax laws such as no income tax, capital gains tax and no property tax.
  • There are no restrictions on foreign ownership.
  • Good return on investment of properties.
  • Great range of properties available from inland house lots to million dollar beach front properties.
  • High rental rates for income properties.  An example is you can expect between $1000 to $2500 per month for a two bedroom apartment.

After seeing all the benefits, I decided to get in touch with a realtor.  Consulting the Cayman Island Business Directory, I found many realtors who I spoke to and were interested in helping me find exceptional rental properties.  I know that it worked out well for me and I would suggest you all consider the Grand Caymans for your next real estate investing venture.

Late Spring Report on Greenville SC Real Estate

Posted By Admin on June 29, 2007 @ 2:30 am

Near the first day of summer, or the longest day of the year, I am here to officially update the Greenville, SC real estate market in the upstate of South Carolina. In the Greenville area, home sales are brisk but below the same levels seen last year. Visitors who are wanting to know more can find out at the Greenville SC Real Estate site linked above. Visitors are yearning for information on upstate realty and will be satisfied. I say that because truly the site does an excellent job and covers more Greenville related real estate topics. If you have any questions about Greenville area real estate, check us out and be sure to let us know you came from this site. Drew Nichols is the Realtor in Greenville who will be able to assist you with anything you need.

Laughing Cures Almost Everything

Posted By Admin on June 28, 2007 @ 7:30 am

Have you tried the amazing power of laughter?  If you have not, give it a try.  Some examples of what laughter can do is cure sadness, depression, and even disease.  It is contagious: if someone is laughing in a room, the others in the room are more likely to laugh as well.  How do you cause laughter?  I have found a site that made me laugh and laugh some more.

Funny and Jokes is a site dedicated to making people laugh.  They cover all types of genres that people will find funny.  In the mood for a funny video?  Got that.  How about bumper stickers?  They have that too.  To give you a sample of the jokes on their site, take a look at this:

A brunette and a blonde were speeding down the street when they passed a cop. “Oh no!” cried the brunette.  “Is he following me?” “Yep,” replied the blonde.

“I’m going to drive down this little side road, okay?” said the brunette. “Yep,” replied the blonde.

“Is the cop still following me?” “Yep.”

“Are his lights on?” “Yep, nope, yep, nope, yep, nope”

Crossword Puzzles Past and Present

Posted By Admin on June 27, 2007 @ 6:54 am

Crossword puzzles have evolved from being simple puzzles to what they are now today.  The first published crossword, or word cross puzzle (as it was called at that time) was created by Arthur Wynne and published on December 21, 1913 in the New York World.  It included most of the features that are included in crosswords today, and became the stepping stone for the popularity of crosswords in that publication.

The next most notable landmark in crosswords was the first book published in 1924 by Simon and Schuster.  Crosswords became the craze of 1924 (much like Sudoku is today).

The New York Times crossword puzzles have been running since 1942 and are considered to be some of the most difficult puzzles ever created.

Things have changed over time.  You no longer have to purchase either a paper or a book, rather you can get printable crossword puzzles online.  If you think yourself a true master, you can also try your hand at creating a crossword with a free online crossword maker.

Examining Three Common Types of Insurance

Posted By Admin on June 26, 2007 @ 4:16 am

I was looking for information regarding insuring myself as well as my property.  I came across some valuable tips that I wanted to share with you all regarding three common types of insurance.

Return of Premium Term Life Insurance

Return of Premium Life Insurance refunds your premiums if you don’t die. A big objection to buying term life insurance is that people see themselves outliving the specified term and often think of the premiums as wasted money. As a result, the insurance industry has answered that objection with the recent introduction of Return of Premium term life insurance.

Return of Premium (ROP) term life insurance combines the benefits of traditional with a return of premium feature. Your family receives a lump sum death benefit if you die, otherwise the insurer returns all your premiums. For those in good health and those who feel that they are not at risk at dying during the term of the policy, this is definitely a good option.

Mortgage Insurance

Mortgage Insurance is sometimes required by lenders on lower down payment loans. This type of insurance protects the mortgage lender from defaults on your mortgage.  Borrowers are able to purchase homes that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, due to high 20 percent down payment requirements by insuring their mortgage.

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is insurance on your mortgage designed to protect your mortgage company should you not make your loan payments. This minimizes the lenders risk and may allow them to give you a better borrowing rate. Private mortgage insurance is frequently called for by mortgage companies because of the larger number of defaults that come with minimal down payment mortgages.

Vehicle Insurance

If your car is written off due to an accident, it’s your insurance company’s responsibility to provide you with an amount of money that would purchase an equivalent car. Truth be told, you may not receive what your vehicle is truly worth. They can use formulas and will often consider quotes from various dealers that aren’t always that attainable to determing your vehicles replacement cost. Every car is different, with things like condition, mileage, and repairs a factor in determining a vehicles replacement value. If the quote from your insurance company don’t seem reasonable, you may want to present them with some local quotes of your own. Be sure to keep a documented vehicle history as well, so you can present repair and maintenance receipts if there’s a dispute. Don’t forget to agree on the sales tax value on your replacement vehicle with your insurer – it is one of the most overlooked expenses in replacing your car.

The Money Alert is a well-known financial site covering insurance matters. Their popular Pet Insurance articles have been published by several publications throughout the United States. Please visit The Money Alert dot com to learn about insurance topics.

Five for fourteen – Day Two

Posted By Admin on June 7, 2007 @ 6:38 am

This is day two of fourteen. Though the content of these sites may seem Here are todays blogs:

Five for fourteen – Day One

Posted By Admin on June 6, 2007 @ 12:00 am

For the next fourteen days, we will be announcing five blogs a day that we are adding to our network. Though the sites will not have a lot of content to start, you can expect them to get better as time goes on. Here are todays blogs: