Zend 2 Proxy

Posted on February 3, 2007 @ 9:36 pm

Zend 2 Proxy is a great proxy site I like using once in awhile. A proxy site or in other words a site that protects your IP from being logged on other sites and or forums.This is a really great site to go to if you want to keep on the down-low. zend2.com also deletes log files daily to re-ensure you that zend2.com will give you your expected privacy. This site also comes with a SSL Proxy which lets you decide what loads on a web site. For example, if you do not want images to load on a site, just un-check the “Show Images” check box. Not to mention every Teens’ favorite internet tool for school, A School Proxy , which allows students to bypass the school’s firewall which blocks students from viewing certain sites such as myspace. In essence, this proxy website contains valuable tools for the insecure websites you see out there on the web.

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